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Getting Back Talk? Let’s Talk!

One of the biggest child disciplinary issues parents have is how to deal with a child who is talking back to them. Back talk can happen at almost any age, starting as early as their first use of "No!" It’s a normal part of child development. Talking back...

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How to Deescalate an Argument

Arguments are a part of most relationships, friendships, and workplaces. Humans are social creatures, and inevitably we will come across a person’s perspective or a topic area with which we disagree. While we try our best to be respectful, it can be...

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You Snooze, You Lose

How many of us are woken by an alarm in the morning and the first thing that comes into your head is “just five more minutes”? If you're a fan of the snooze button, you know how tempting it is to continue sleeping for those extra 10 minutes. Despite how...

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How to Cope with Anger

Anger is a very powerful emotion that can stem from feelings of frustration, hurt, annoyance, or disappointment. It is a normal human emotion that can range from slight irritation to strong rage. Anger can be harmful or helpful, depending upon how it is...

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How to Reduce Your Stress

In today’s busy world, we’re pulled in many directions at once. We have responsibilities at home and at work, and sometimes it all just becomes too much. Our bodies start to let us know that we’re feeling the stress of our daily lives. Feelings of stress...

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The Psychological Benefits of Exercise

Psychological health is an important part of our lives. It affects our moods, emotions, behavior, and social interactions. Not only in our personal lives, but in our professional lives as well. It even has consequences for our physical health. Exercise can...

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Check out our latest videos as we dive deep into the issues that you care about most!

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