Marriage Difficulties

Welcome to Gateway 2 Counseling! We are so excited you are reaching out to us in your time of need. We are your objective friend and ready to help you during this time of marriage difficulties.

Relationships are hard. And marriage is really difficult. Gone are the days when you fell in love and though you found your soul mate. Here are the days when you question your decision to even get married. What were you thinking? Is the question most people ask themselves during these times. You are not alone.

Almost all couples face problems in their relationships caused by

  • Cheating Spouse
  • Financial Problems
  • Domestic Violence
  • Children
  • Lack of trust
  • Unequal work loads
  • Lack of intimacy
  • No time for one another
  • Over loaded schedules
  • And more

Gateway 2 Counseling is here for you! Why choose us?

Only $49/session. Insurance can reimburse for online counseling.

50 min sessions are available by telephone or video conferencing. NO OFFICE. NO TRAFFIC.

The best part, no monthly subscription!!! You are in control of when, how often and where.

So Enter our Gates to a Brighter Tomorrow. 

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